The Space Assault Ships, or SAS, were designed to deliver ground forces and support vehicles to a planet and support the ground operations from orbit.
The armament on the ship is primarily orbit to surface missiles, though it also has anti ship torpedoes in stock.

The SAS have one landing/hanger bay that is quite roomy to accommodate the Assault shuttles and the loading and unloading of the combat vehicles. SAS never operate alone, they are usually accompanied by destroyers for protection and carriers for support. They typically carry 4 Vipers and often a few Asp Bombers as well. In the Fugitive Fleet the Asps have been put away (or broken up for parts) and extra Vipers were added bringing the total to 10.

The SAS Bast arrived in the Fleet with a half load of troops on board. These were transferred to Horus and much of the Bast was reconfigured as civilian living quarters. For the most part the civilians living on the Bast are the families of military personnel. Both Bast and Horus are used as training ships in the Fugitive Fleet. The facilities intended to keep troops sharp during long transits are now employed to train and condition new recruits and teach the basics of military life.

Space Assault Ship Horus side view

Space Assault Ship Horus top view

Surviving Space Assault Ships: Horus, Bast*
Commander: Major Jolly (Horus)
Executive Officer: Captain
Crew- 400 <+300 troops>
*Bast has had troop quarters converted to civilian use
Max. Speed- 10x Light Speed

(6) Medium Laser Batteries
(10) Light Laser Batteries <5 port, 5 starboard>
(4) Heavy Missile/Torpedo Launchers
(4) Medium Missile/Torpedo Launchers
(6) Small Torpedo Launchers

Ablative Armor
Star Shield (Heavy Armor Plate)
Electronic Defense Shields
Stealth Suites

Auxiliary Craft-
(30) Assault Shuttles
(4) Medium Fighters, Vipers Boosted to 10
(6) Asp Bombers (Mothballed in the Fugitive Fleet)
(40) Land Rams*
(20) Scarabs*
(10) Turbo cycles*

* Bast’s complement was broken up for parts