Colonial Timeline

0-1000: Mankind on Kobol. Prehistory of Kobol.

c. 1000: Oral traditions of the Thirteen Tribes written down to form the Book of the Word.

1000-2100: Age of Philosophers. Book of the Lords composed.

c. 2200: Industrial Age begins on Kobol.

2705: Exodus from Kobol.

2710: Colonies founded. Era of Darkness begins.

4479: Academy at Caprica founded. Space research begins again.

4494-4496: First lunar landing on moon of Caprica. Sagitara and Virgon also send their first persons into space.

4497: First Caprican interplanetary probes record data from planet Piscon. Reveals human life. Initial shock sets space travel back several yahren.

4498-4504: Minor wars on Caprica. Consensus to approach and become allies with the neighboring planets.

4511: Capricans and Sagitarans initiate “First Contact”.

4511-4808: Interim period. The planets begin to exchange information and technology.

4808: Full contact between all Twelve planets established.

4828: Caprica and Sagitara establish alliance, monetary union achieved, common language developed called ‘Colonial Standard.’

4873-4485: Unified government established, Virgon, Caprica, Sagitara, Taura, Aquaria and Piscon are the members.

4998: All remaining colonies link to the Unified Colonies government, including Gemoni, Canceria, Leo, Libra, Aeriana and Scorpio. Colonial unification complete. Quorum of the Twelve is established.

5210-5410: Colonial “Golden Age”. The height of literature, art and culture in the colonies, Hyperspeed developed, The Colonial fleet explores and maps thousands of new star systems and 40 Principal Colonies and 65 Minor Colonies are established.

5220: The prison on the asteroid Proteus is established.

5225: First human contact with the Hasaris, an amphibious race.

5547: The Hasaris fall prey to a Cylon invasion. First human-Cylon contact, when human forces came to the defense of Hasaris. The Thousand Yahren War begins.

5265: Colonial Space is at its peak expansion. Twelve Homeworlds, 40 Principal Colonies, 82 Minor Colonies, 61 registered Settlements and Stations. Human Population exceeds 184 Billion.

5655: Hasari Nation dead, Colonial losses began to swell as colony planets are destroyed by the Cylons.

5856: Colonial Fleet begins to redesign ships, weapons and training facilities to cope with Cylon attacks.

6250: First Battlestar commissioned.

6470: Cygnus is taken by the Cylons, and Baltar is imprisoned for five years.

6547: Destruction of Kalpa listening post on Equellus.

6549: Launch of Infinity I. First of a series of ships designed to catalog and preserve all human knowledge.

6525: Tigh is commissioned a warrior on the field of battle for outstanding heroism during the Tauran campaign.

6552: Battlestar Bellephon destroyed.

6559: Battlestar Prometheus destroyed.

6560: Baltar is elected to the Quorum of the Twelve.

6560: Battlestar Poseidon destroyed.

6562: Battlestar Galactica destroys Cylon outpost on Naytar.

6566: Destruction of Ice Station Tholan listening post on the asteroid Tholan.

6568: Battlestar Olympia destroyed.

6568: The Battle of Cosmara Archipelago. In a surprise attack on the Fourth Colonial Fleet, Commander Kronus and the Battlestar Rycon destroyed three Basestars. Unfortunately the Rycon and most of the Fourth Fleet were destroyed in the battle and the skirmishes that followed.

6569: The Battle of Molecay. The planet Molecay, its inhabited moon, and the entire Fifth Fleet were destroyed. Commander Cain and the Battlestar Pegasus were reported lost with the Fleet.

6570: Battlestar Argo destroyed.

6570: Count Baltar contacts the Council of Twelve, and relates that the Cylons want an end to the Thousand Yahren War. He begins to negotiate peace with the Cylon Empire.

6570: Final Destruction of the Colonies by the Cylon forces. President Adar had the five surviving Battlestars rendezvous at the old moon, Cimtar, to meet with delegates from the Cylon Empire. Instead, the Fleet was greeted by the largest Cylon force ever assembled. The Atlantia, which contained the major government officials, was the first to be destroyed. The Columbia, Solaria and the Pacifica were also destroyed. Aboard the Galactica, Commander Adama realized that the Colonies were unprotected and set course for Caprica.
Over 100 billion Colonials were killed in the following massacre.

6572: Fall of Gomoray, destruction of the Delphian Empire

6598: Present Day