The largest and most powerful warships of the Colonial Fleet. The Battlestars were the strategic core of the Fleet, both offensively and defensively. Though it carries fewer weapons then a Baseship, the main batteries of the Battlestar are pretty much even with those of a Baseship and its heavier armor and greater speed and manoeuvrability allow it to avoid or shrug off much of the Baseship’s power.

Battlestar side view
Battlestar side

Battlestar top view
Battlestar top

Commander: Commander Apollo
Executive Officer: Colonel Starbuck
Second Officer: Lt. Colonel
Chief of Security:
Crew- 2000+
Max. Speed- 10x Light Speed

(4) Heavy Explosive Torpedo Launchers
(10) Small Torpedo Launchers
(4) Heavy Laser Batteries (8 total)
(40) Medium Laser Batteries (80 total)<20 port, 20 starboard>
(40) Light Laser Batteries (80 total) <20 port, 20 starboard>

Ablative Armor
Star Shield (Heavy Armor Plate)
Electronic Defense Shields
Stealth Suites

Auxiliary Craft-
(150) Medium Fighters
(6) Recovery Shuttles
(9) Shuttles (5 Type 1, 4 Type 2)
(1) Commander’s Shuttle Type 2

(20) Land Rams
(4) Scarabs
(2) Hover mobiles