What is a PBEM?

PBEM games, or Play By EMail, utilize either direct email or posting on a Bulletin Board or Forum to inform the players of the status of the game. Battlestar Galactica PBEM is played on the Yahoo Forum of the same name. In order to play you must have a Yahoo account and be a member of the BSG PBEM forum. You can find links to the appropriate sites below.

To sign up with Yahoo, go here.


To visit the Battlestar Galactica PBEM Forum, go here


Getting Started

When you sign up on the Battlestar Galactica PBEM Forum you will receive a number of files. These include a basic Biography form for your character and some general information about GURPS, the Generic Universal Role Playing System.
I use GURPS rules primarily to resolve combat, situations where particular skills are required to determine a specific outcome. A knowledge of GURPS rules IS NOT needed to play the game, the mechanics are largely invisible to play. But if you are interested in learning more there are PDF files on the Forum that can be downloaded. These contain a basic outline of GURPS rules and are known as “GURPS Lite.”

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