Welcome to the Battlestar Galactica Roleplaying Game! Below you will find vital information about the premise of our game, including some details about changes necessary for canon characters and the basic rules of the game.

This game is set 26+ years after the final episode of Battlestar Galactica in 1979. We are proceeding in our game as if the series Battlestar 1980 never happened. In a way we are following what Richard Hatch, who played Capt. Apollo, hopes to do sometime in the future, bring back the original premise for the series in a future movie.

The game continues with the Galactica still traveling through space, searching for Earth with the Cylons always lurking somewhere in the darkness behind them.

Fans of the show will notice a few differences from the original Fugitive Fleet. To start with the Fleet is a bit larger and there are more military vessels present. The Galactica, though still the major warship and the heart of the Fleet, is no longer alone. The premise for this is in the idea that other Colonial warships, freighters, liners etc. would have been in other parts of Colonial space when the final Cylon attack occurred. Initially they would have run, trying to put distance between themselves and any danger. Then, after a period of taking stock and monitoring radio frequencies, they would have cautiously sought out other survivors. Banding together in small groups, looking for protection in numbers. Eventually they would have made their way to the protection of the Galactica.

SOME Canon characters are available, but with the understanding that the following changes will need to be implimented due to the time difference between the series and this game:

Apollo – This one-time Viper pilot and Captain is now Commander of the Galactica. After the death of his father, Commander Adama (canon character not available), he worked his way up through the ranks and has been Commanding the great ship for approximately 5 yahrens (years). He is now about 56 yahrens (years) of age. He is a widow, but only had one child, a step-son named Boxey (see his entry below). Apollo will remain an NPC!

Athena – Around 51 yahrens of age, she has gone into government, and now sits as a member of the Council of Twelve. She was married at one time to Starbuck and together they had two children (which may be portrayed by made up characters).

Starbuck – Colonel and right hand man to Apollo, Starbuck still is a scoundrel, but has mellowed over the years. He has fathered 5 children…two with Athena, and three with Cassopeia. Approximately 57 yahrens of age, he’s still the charmer and ladies man. Starbuck will remain an NPC!

Cassopeia – Doctor and in charge of the Galactica medical bay, she was at one time married to Starbuck and had three children with him (who may be portrayed by made up characters in the game).

Tigh – In his late 80s, Tigh is a voice in government and an advisor to Apollo. Tigh will remain an NPC!

Boomer – Now a Colonel, he has taken charge of training the newest generations of Colonial Warriors. He is in his 50s.

Boxey (Troy) – This 32 yahren-old Colonial Warrior is now a Captain and flight leader of his own squadron…following in the footsteps of his stepfather. He is single, he has his serious sides, much like Apollo…yet Starbuck has rubbed off on his some over the years as well.

Other canon characters are available as well, but in chosing them, players should keep in mind that they are 26 years older than they were in the series and now will hold different positions aboard the Galactica.

In regards to made up characters, there is a bio form in the files section to use as a guide in creating characters for the game. All character types are needed in the game, not just Viper pilots…but government, medical, agricultural, entertainment, etc. as well.

If you wish to play a character that is the son or daughter of a canon character, please put in your request quickly to ensure that you can claim the few allowed in this game (the 5 children of Starbuck, plus possibly a child of Tigh’s or Boomer’s as well). Submit bio forms to the list owner at Email Missiledine

Game rules are standard:

1. No Godmoding.

2. No flaming the list.

3. No spamming the list.

4. No one under the age of 18 allowed on the list. This list may potentially include mature subject matter including, but not limited to, violence and explicit sexual scenes. If any of this subject matter offends you, then this isn’t the list for you.

5. Members should post at least once a week. But we understand that things happen, so please try and alert the list owner if you have to be AFK for awhile. List Owner and Moderators reserve the right to temp characters if necessary to continue the storyline moving along.

6. Disputes that arise should be dealt with offlist and the list owner and/or moderators alerted to the problem. OOC arguements/complaints aired to the list at large, may result in the offenders being banned from the list.

7. No advertising other lists. Please contact the list owner if you would like a URL for your games to be added to the links section of the list.

8. Moderator’s decisions are final. Moderators will not tolerate any further complaints or arguments after a decision has been made over a situation. Further complications may result in the offender being banned from the list.

9. These rules may be ammended at any time without notice.

10. Have fun, that’s the most important rule of all!

Thank you for taking the time to read over this information. I look forward to hearing from you with any questions, story ideas, character requests/submissions. Again, welcome to the game!

I would like to thank Cierha for getting this game started. I have had a long standing fascination with the BSG universe and was very pleased to join this group as a Player and later serve as a Moderator and now to take over as GM and List Owner. Thanks again Cierha!