Colonial Money, Currency, mediums of exchange….

How are you going to pay for that?

Colonial Currency is made of, or backed by, Oregg, (Gold)
For convenience sake I have assigned $ values

Cubits = Stamped Oregg. The primary coin of the Colonials 1Cubit = $1

Quatron = Stamped Oregg. 1 Quatron = 4 Cubits = $4 The difference between a Quatron and a Cubit is in purity and mass.

Ducat = Stamped oregg. 1 Ducat = 10 Quatrons = 40 Cubits = $40

Markers = Markers are basicly IOUs or checks drawn against banked funds. They can be in any amount and can be made out to an individual or the name can be left blank.

Most Fleet transactions are by Electronic Credit or Marker. There is not enough coin to provide all the needs of the Fleet economy. The CTC or ‘Cubit Transfer Card’ are issued to every adult in the Fleet. Pay is deposited directly into the individuals account and can be transferred, spent or cashed out (if coinage is available.)

Cubit Transfer Card “CTC”

Orion Cheques = Stamped Oregg. This is a trading currency used between the various races.
1 Orion Cheque = 1,000 Cubits = $1,000

A Cheque can be subdivided into ten $100 bars.