Colonial Military Gear

Note: Civilian versions of most of these items do exist.

Common Accessory Items:

These are items that are either standard issue or in common usage throughout the Fleet.

Personal First Aid Kit:

Carried by all military, security and auxiliary personnel on their belt right next to the emergency vacc suit. It contains:
2 Revive capsules (revive unconscious person), 4 plastiskin bandages, 2 doses Hypergoagulin (stops bleeding), 1 of Quickheal (closes wounds), 1 of Genericillan (prevent infection), 2 of Antirad (for radiation poisoning.)

Respirator/Environmental Mask

Used in areas where smoke, toxic chemicals, pollutants or native atmosphere render breathing of unfiltered air impossible. This IS NOT a self contained breathing apparatus but only a FILTERING device.

Goggles/Safety Glasses

Standard equipment for techs working on the hanger bays and in machine shops. Also used by Warriors planetside in dusty or windy environments. Goggles are self darkening/anti glare.

Mini Tool Kit
Different variations of these exist based on the specialty and needs of the tech who owns one. At its most basic it allows the removal of access panels and replacement of most components.


The Colonial equivilant of a digital camera. A wide variety of these exist, from simple, inexpensive point and shoot to sophisticated multifunction devices. With few exceptions the Imagers in the Fugitive Fleet are left overs from before the exodus.

Back Packs

Standard issue in survival kits for the military, med techs, engineers and SAW troops. They are also popular amongst military personnel and civilians for belongings and such. The most common colors are the Colonial tan/brown or black.

Utility Belts

Virtually everyone has some form of these. They range in design from basic military functionality to designer accessory. What ever they look like they are used to carry the Emergency Vacuum Suit pouch, often an extra air cylinder, sometimes a tool kit or med kit and, on occaission, a weapon. They usually have one or two extra pouches as well.

Trenching Tools

Found in the emergency lockers of shuttles and Vipers. Not used much shipboard, though larger, specialized versions are employed on the Agro ships.