Odin Class Fleet Carrier

Only a dozen were ever built, they were intended to support Battlestars and Gunstars in major actions, to serve as Core support for larger fleet actions and to provide a mobile replacement and reserve for other combat units.
The Fleet Carriers were unique in that they had actual manufacturing capacity on board and could fabricate Vipers, shuttles and other small support/combat craft from components, parts and even raw materials.
All of the Odin Class Fleet Carriers were destroyed, with the last two being lost at Molecay.

Battlestars and the Vanier Class Carriers are the only other Colonial warships with the capacity to fabricate new Vipers from stockpiled parts and components. But they lack the extensive machinery needed to manufacture most parts from raw materials. The Cruiser classes and the Freya Escort Carriers had sufficient fabrication facilities to repair Vipers and support craft from parts but not a complete rebuild. Most other Colonial warships are able to conduct repairs to damage that is limited in extent.

Odin Class Fleet Carrier side view

Odin Class Fleet Carrier top view

Surviving Odin Class Fleet Carrier :  None Known
Commander: Commander
Executive Officer: Colonel
Crew- 2,600
Max. Speed- 10x Light Speed


(6) Medium Torpedo Launchers
(12) Small Torpedo Launchers
(24) Light Laser Batteries <12 port,12 starboard>
(6) Medium Laser Batteries (12 total)
(2) Heavy Laser Batteries (4 total)

Ablative Armor
Star Shield (Heavy Armor Plate)
Electronic Defense Shields

Auxiliary Craft-
(375 ) Medium Fighters
(12) Recovery Shuttles
(6) Shuttles Type 1