By far the single most common and popular form of gambling in Colonial society.


2-4 players

55 Hexagonal cards (3 suits: purple, green, orange;
with purple ranking the highest and orange the lowest.)

Capstone card: Highest card in a Third level
Pyramid. And can also be used as a wild card

Each suit contains:
3 First level cards
6 Second level cards
9 Third level cards

It is played kind of like Poker, where the players
can discard once and then have to bet on whatever they wind up with.

Six cards are dealt and a player can discard up to
four cards per hand (like Draw Poker). Then of course, you place your bets
based on your hand, etc. and go from there. It sounds like it is very similar
to Poker, just with different cards. Thanks very much to the Battlestar Pegasus
site for info on Pyramid.