Argus Class Scout Ship
A very long range recon and scout ship that carried six vipers for extra support. The electronics of the Argus are on par with those of the Electronic Warfare Ships. They have highly sensitive scanners, superb stealth suites (but without the Field Damping abilities) and an extremely powerful transmitter.
There are no known Argus Class ships surviving.

Argus Scout Ship side view

Argus Scout Ship top view

Commander: Captain
Executive Officer: Senior Lt.
Crew- 150
Max. Speed- 10x Light Speed +

(2) Medium Torpedo Launchers
(6) Small Torpedo Launchers
(4) Light Laser Cannon Batteries (8 total) <2 port, 2 starboard>
(2) Medium Laser Batteries (4 total)

Ablative Armor
Star Shield Composite Alloy Armor Plate
Electronic Defense Shields
Stealth Suites

Auxiliary Craft-
(6) Medium Fighters
(1) Shuttles Type 1