Hand Computer

Every officer has one of these, as well as all Techs and many other enlisted personnel. They are the memo pad of Colonial society. The military versions are rugged, encrypted and have minimal features for games and entertainment. They can remotely connect to larger systems and inter link with each other if needed. The Hand Computer will work in coordination with various scanners to store data and aid in analysis and interpretation. They can also be programmed to function as a remote control for various pieces of equipment. The built in communicator is limited in range, but the computer can be linked to an external communicator for increased range.

War Book

Small, portable computer used by Viper and shuttle pilots for storing mission data and updates on enemy intelligence. The War Book links to the Viper or Shuttles computer system through a wireless connection. The contents of the War Book is encrypted and coded to protect in the event of capture. An auto destruct sequence, triggered by a single (covered) button allows a Warrior to instantly corrupt and destroy all data contained in the War Book memory. Triggering the auto destruct is referred to as ‘Burning the Book’ or, more colorfully, ‘Fraking it.’

The War Book is worn strapped to the pilots leg.