Fleet Replenishment Ships (FRS) are military versions of Freighters but are more heavily armed and armored then a Civilian Freighter. These are mostly cargo space, minimal passenger accommodations (barracks only) though they can be fitted for troop transport when needed. Replacement crew are sometimes carried in cold sleep tubes for transfer to ships needing replacements.

FRS have no landing/hanger bays. They have shuttle bays and usually dock directly to a ship that is being resupplied. They have no Vipers or launch tubes. FRS are always escorted by destroyers or are part of a larger force.

Fleet Replenishment Ship side view

Fleet Replenishment Ship top view

Surviving Fleet Replenishment Ships: Syracuse
Commander: Captain
Executive Officer: Lieutenant

Crew- 400
Max. Speed- 10x Light Speed

(4) Light Laser batteries <2 port, 2 starboard>
(2) Medium Laser canon
(2) Small Torpedo Launchers

Ablative Armor
Star Shield Medium Armor
Electronic Defense Shields
Stealth Suites

Auxiliary Craft-
(6) Shuttles Type 2