Colonial Glossary

Aerian Merchant Code: An obsolete communication code used by Aerian’s transport fleet yahrens ago. CWTM

Agro – Serenity was “a small agro community” (MW); agro fruits and plants (WOG), Starbuck hailed from Umbra, an agrocity on Caprica (MWNL)

AGROCOM: Short for “Agro Community.” A farm town.

Air Dome: A building used for landing and departure of aircraft and spacecraft.

ALPHA CHANNEL: A secure military channel used for ship to ship

ALPHA SHUTTLE: The Commander’s shuttle.

Argonlons – measurement of the strength of a transmitting frequency[CWTM]

AMBROSIA: An alcoholic beverages which is fermented in bottles.

ANTI-ASSAULT BATTERIES: Part of planetary defense systems used to repel attacks from space.

ANTI-BURN BAFFLES: Mechanism located on the underside of a Viper which aids in heat dispersal.

Arcta: A large asteroid in the second quadrant.[CWTM]

Armament: A collection of weapons and ammunition [CWTM]

Armament cabinets – Weapon lockers (MRS, TTC)

ARMAMENT DAY: Holiday where military hardware is put on display for the public.

Asencion Tube: A Lift or elevator [CWTM]

Astradon freighter – “I’ve just found this place in the Astradon freighter” (LPGII)

ASTRALONS: dangerous meteor particles found in space. Range in size from microscopic to several metrons. [CWTM]

ASTRUM: Anatomical reference. “We’re sitting dead on our astrums.” [LL]

Asteral Winds: Gravity swells produced by the interaction of close orbit planets.[CWTM]

Attack Computer: Viper computer linked directly to the ship’s scanners. [CWTM]

Attilla: A planet in the Omega system now in the hands of the Cylons. [CWTM]

Automatic Detonator: A self destruct device. [CWTM]

Backwash – “Our backwash should knock him silly and scare the pogees out of him.” (LP)

Balcon: A star in an uncharted system, considered the closest Cylon penetration in the direction of Earth. [CWTM]

Baraton: A childrens toy, a spinning top.[CWTM]

BARGE LICE: Lowlife scum. [GOIPZ]


Basestar: The Cylon main battle ship. Believed to carry over 300 fighter craft and be armed with two long range mega lasers. There are several varients of Basestar. This is a Colonial term for these ships. [CWTM]

Battlestar: Colonial main battleship.

Bilge rats, See Bargerats (GOIPZ)

BIO-PULSE LINE: A link through which a pilot’s vital signs are fed from
his/her Viper to the bridge.[CWTM]

Bio Robotics: The study and application of creating robots to be like humans in every detail.[CWTM]

BLACK SHIRT: A security officer [BE]

Blessed thing – As in “can’t see a blessed thing” (expression)

Blood Trail – A feud or hunt for revenge on the part of Borellian Nomen. It does not end till the prey is dead.

BOOKS OF THE LORDS OF KOBOL: The books of the Lords of Kobol tell of the exodus of the tribes of man from Kobol, birthplace of mankind, when her resources became depleted. Stories of the exodus are largely in the form of poems, parables, and proverbs, however, the books also contain mundane items such as supply lists. Students of the Books feel that even these cargo manifests have great spiritual significance and they are carefully examined from a numerological standpoint.

BOOK OF STRATEGY: Fighter Pilots Training Manual.[CWTM]

BOOK OF THE WORD: The oldest of the Books of the Lords of Kobol, its tales are solely about the struggle between Good and Evil. This book reveals that in the beginning days of Kobol, early men were visited by angels who gave them moral codes to live by and also gave them the secrets of argiculture and later technology. Mephistopheles, a fallen angel, also visited the Kobolians bearing gifts, but his generousity inevitably lead his followers to destruction.

Booster – “Kick in our second booster within 50 metrons.” (LP)

Borallus: Rich Agro world settled by humans after the rediscovery of spaceflight. Now Cylon occupied.[CWTM]

Boraton – A chemical mist used to put out fires (FIS), boraton mist energizer (pumps mist); mega boraton pumps, mega pressue pumps

Borays: Intelligent, pre-technological inhabitant of the planet Equellius. They live in herds under the leadership of one dominant Boray. Bipedal sentient pigs. Also, the dregs of humanity.  They have adopted (stolen) technology from humans and other species to gain access to space.[P, TMW]

Borellians: Inhabitants of the Colony

BORELLIAN FLYERS: An edible bird from Scorpio favored by Nomen.

BORK: A nasty person. [TMW]

Bracers – Seatbelt, “better put on your bracers and hang on” (MW)

BRAIN PROBE: A Cylon torture technique.

BUILD ME: A phrase used in a pyramid game, equivalent to “hit me” (i.e. A request for another card).

BURITICIANS members of the hereditary noble families originally appointed by the last Lord of Kobol to rule over each Colony.

BUZZER: Home-made alcohol.

By Jove – Expression used by Hector (GFE)

CAPRICAN RENAISSANCE: A period of relative peace and prosperity
characterized by a flowering of the arts and technology centered on
Caprica and radiating outward to the other colonies. The era ended
approximately a hundred yahrens before the Cylon conquest.

CARBIDE: A toxic substance that can build up in a Viper if the air supply
regulators malfunction.

Carbon Synthetic – Material used in lasers and other high energy equipment.

Carillion – Small planet, rich in Tylium. Destroyed in 6550

CASTLE – Church

CATHARSIS TREATMENT: Psychiatric help.

CELESTIAL CHAMBERS: Domes created out of transparent tylinium (the same material used for a Viper’s cockpit) which sit atop a battlestar.
Originally used by navigators to double check their bridge computers’
readings, but now considered obsolete.

Centaurie – 100 centons

Centon – 100 microns

Centurions – Basic Cylon

Chancery – Casino

Check – oregg (gold) coin used by the Orions as currency.

Cold Cell – Chamber used by Cylons to freeze humans to death.

Commander’s Court – Military Court

Commlines – See Unicom, Fleet Commline Alpha (LL)

Comm-Tell – Communication division

Compartment Billiards – Form of pool (FIS)

Computapes-  Recordings, video or audio (MRS)

Computron Readouts, computronic readouts

Consumables – Food, rations can also refer to air and water

Control Stick – Joystick (Viper). With the functions FIRE/TURBO/IM (Inverse Maneuver aka Reverse Thrusters)

Core Tremor – Earthquake. (WOG)

Corridors – Approach routes used by spacecraft entering orbit or approaching a planet.

Cortilla – Dance

Cortex Scan – Cylon interrogation/torture technique. Subjects mind is scanned and recorded. Extremely painful, usually results in unconsciousnes, brain injury, madness or death.

Cranium Probe – Medical test for cranial damage.

Crasoneys – “Dirty rotten crasoneys!” Slur aimed at a group (MW) [Boomer shouted this at the thieves]

CRASSIDY: A slur directed at an individual[TMW]

Crawlon – Wingless, eight legged insect. Spider

Cryotube, Cryogen tubes – Support chamber where patient placed in cryogenic suspension (LPOTG)

Cubit – Oregg stamped coin of the Twelve Colonies

Cymklen – Second highest mountain on Caprica.

Cymtar – Moon of Caprica. Major Colonial Fleet base Name of battle that ended the Colonies.

Cylon – Sophisticated, intelligent, androids determined to red the universe of humans.

Daggit – Warm blooded, quadruped, related to wild Equellan Lups (Dog)


Death Stone – Grave markers

Deep Scan – Long range scan

Delphian Empire – A race conquered by the Cylons. Home world is Gomoray

Deep star exploration – Charting and study of space, systems and planets. “When the war’s officially over we may be able to get back to deep star exploration.” (SOASW)

Destroyer – Escort ships for Battlestars and otherColonial Capital Ships.  Also used for system defence, convoy escort, anti piracy patrols.

Detonator – Explosive detonator

Di-Ethene – Noxious gas generated from refining Tylium

Ducat – Olegg coin, used by Colonials as a medium of exchange

Duckit – Card or document that is a written permit to do or have something.

Earth – Mythical thirteenth colony.

Eden – largest city and capital of Kobol.

Elite Class – Most exclusive and expensive section of luxury liners

Energiser – Power generator

Energon Treatment – Administering stimulants

Episilon Mark IV – System in HOG. First planet giant 80% compressed hydrogen, 12% helium; second deadly totally compressed Co2 3) barren rock concealing Cylon BS. at outer rim of galaxy; 5 planets in fairly widespread orbit.

Equis – “By Equis, you’re right.” (Lacerta, from LW)

EQUINE’S ASTRUM: A horse’s butt. [TMW9L]

FELGERCARB: The “shit” word. BullShit!

Finite Laser Extractor – Device that takes images of cells in the body

Finite Micro -Laser – Minute surgical scalpel

FIRST ORBIT CADET: An incompetant. [TLP]

Fire-tons –  Spinning Fireworks displays “Mine instruments are spinning like fire-tons.” (Bojay, WOG)

Flank Speed – Top speed (Battlestar); 10x light speed.

Flash – As in “tell you in a flash” (expression), SOASW “Be back in half a flash.” (LL)

Fleet Comline Alpha – One of several secure communications transmission channels used by the Colonial military between ships

Flight Slumber – A method suspended animation used in the early days of space travel before faster then light drives were developed. Still used in emergency situations.

For the Glory of Caprica – (expression from GOIPZ)

Force Nitro Filled – Pipeline system in Agro ships for delivery of nitrogen and nutrients directly to the roots of plants.

Force Shield – Defensive Energy Shield

FRAK: The “fuck” word.

Fuel Cell – Metal or plastic containment system for fuel

Fumarello – Cigar or cigarette

Furlon – A leave of absence, usually military

Gamma Frequency – Obsolete and unsecure radio frequency

Gemon – Planet in the Hesaris system

Geogram – Schematic Diagrams or plans. According to Ravashol’s geogram, the key element is the exchange pump. (GOIPZ)

GOLL-MONGING – “Tin-headed gol-monging Cylons” – Derogatory comment. “em f-wording”. (Cain, LL)

Gomoray – 4th planet of the Cyrannus System. See Delphian Empire

Gorgan – Planet of the Cyrannus system

Grid Barge – Prison ship

Grid Locking – Triad expression

GRID RATS: Scum. Prisoners. See Barge Lice [GOIPZ]

Grog – Unsweetened mixture of liquor and water. “Hope it’s the grog.” Alcoholic beverage. (SOASW)

Gyro-Capacitor – Electric transfer system in Vipers and Shuttles


Hades – “Hades’ hole, Adama”; “Where in Hades is he?”; “Where in Hades hole…” (Cain/LL); “I don’t know how in Hades you are ever going to make warriors.” (recruiting officer, MWNL)

Hekla – Mountain on Arcta. Site of the Raashol Pulsar

Hand-Mine – Small explosive device that can be thrown or set by timer.

Harmonic – a radio wave that has traveled through space for a very long time.

Hasaris – Amphibious race first contacted by humans in 5225. In 5549 it was conquered by the Cylons despite aid from human space. The Hasaris were enslaved then exterminated. This was the start of the Cylon war.

Heart Pulse – Heart beat, pulse rate.

Hectar – 100 meters

Hedge Hopper – quadruped, native of Sectari.

Hemo type – Blood type

Hetari – six sectons

High engine – “They hit my high engine…” (Zac – SOASW) The uppermost of the three engines on the Viper.

Hot-Link – “I hot-linked more hover mobiles than there are doors on this ship.” (see also: hover cars) To hotwire. (FIS)

Hovermobile – 2-4 person, antigrav vehicles for ground transport.. (FIS)

Human Testing Drones – Human guinea pigs (GFE)

Hydraponics – Method of farming used on the Agro ships

Hydroponic Mushies – Vegetarian junk food, high in energy but low in nutritional value.

Hyper Speed – Faster Then Light also Star Speed

Ice Station Tholan – Colonial listening post destroyed in 6566 by the Cylons

IFB – Inter Fleet Broadcasting: A news and entertainment service

Impact Torpedo – Impact detonated, anti-ship missile

Incidental Fire – Term: “friendly fire” (LL)

Infinity – A project and ship to store and preserve human knowledge

Instructional Period – Training period.

Inter-Colony Bus – SkyBus. Basic ‘commuter’ transport between systems and planets.

Inverse Maneuver – Reverse thrusters,the middle button on the Viper’s joystick (IM).

Ion Trail – “Stay clear of my ion trail, I’m on target.” (Jolly – MWNL)

Ionize – “We’ll ionize them” meaning vaporize (Dietra – LPOTG)

Iris Cone Count – An eye test (MWNL)

Isolation Chambers – also cyrotube, cryogen tubes – can place patient in cryogenic suspension (LPOTG) see also state of suspension chambers

Jar My Chips – Expression (LP)

Judgment Day – Mythical day after death.

K-Biscuit – Snack food issued to pilots and warriors

Kalpa – Colonial listening post located on Equellus. Destroyed in 6547

Kell – Cylon unit of measurement

Kill Range – A distance between fighter craft where a hitmeans certain destruction.

Kobol – Original homeworld of humanity. Revisited in 6570.

Krell – Leafy, edible plant found on all the Colonies and transplanted to other worlds.

Kroden – small agro colony in Cyrannus system

Lasers – A term that is used to describe any of a number of types of weapons. (Some of which are NOT lasers) Cylon small arms ARE lasers. Colonial small arms ARE NOT.

Laser Generators – High output generators dedicated to powering heavy lasers in ships.

Laser Rifles – Cylon small arms equivalent to Colonial Blaster Rifle. Also types of weapon Spectre stockpiled in. YW

Laser Scalpel – Small hand held laser for surgical work

Laser Torpedoes – A variety of anti ship missile that employs a laser for guidance and just prior used against mines in Nova of Madegon,

Laseronic Urgon Test – A diagnostic test used to determine a laser’s efficency.

Lateral Lasers, – Laser turrets mounted to provide protection and firepower on the sides of a ship.

Laxar – A Unit of weight and volume, roughly equal to a bushel.

Learning Period – Primary education period

Life Center – Medical section of a ships

Limiter – A device on star fighters that regulates the power/thrust of the Turbos.

Livery Ship – An Agro ship designed for the transport, breeding and care of livestock.

Lord – as in “Lord help us”, “Oh my Lord”, “Thank you Lord”, “For Lord’s sake”, and “May the Lord be with you!” (expression)

Lords of Kobol – The ancient rulers of the Tribes of Mankind. “Thank the lords of Kobol”; “By the LOK”; “You speak the wisdom of the Lords”; “By the good graces of the LOK” (GFE); “In the name of the LOK” (MRS); “By the LOK”; “You have the blessings of the LOK” (LPOTG)

Lupus– Fur bearing quadraped predator found on the plains of Secta. Preys on small rodents and carcasses.

Magna – Very dense, virtually indestructible metal. Used in the hull of the Galactica and most large warships.

Magnetic Sea – A term used to describe a void in space.

Marker Beacon – A signal used to identify fighters as friendly and by fighters to identify home base.

Matzen – A measure of distance a little short of a kilometer.

Maxim – 10 meters

Maximum Breaking Flaps – Emergency brakes. (SOAaSW)

Mega Pressure Pumps – Extremely high pressure pumps capable of handling all types of liquids.

Metric – 1 kilometer

Metron – 1 meter

Metron Bomb – A Medium sized, explosive device

Micron – 1/100th of a centon same as a Micro Centon

Milla centon – 1/1000th of a centon

Missing In Combat – Same as M.I.A. = Missing In Action (EIT)

Moduled – Expression, as in “you want to get us stripped and moduled” (Greenbean – LPOTG)

Mong-Raking – “Mong-raking Cylons” – Derogatory comment. (Cain, LL)

Molecular Binding Piton – Climbing tool the molecularly binds to the surface

Navigational Tapes (TTC)

Neuro Cell – Brain Cell

Night Flyer – Hawk like, nocturnal bird of prey.

NOMEN – A nomadic desert inhabitant of Scorpio. A fierce, tribal people with ancient customs and a tendancy to violence. The term can be used as a slur. [TMW9L, BE]

Numo – Small arms weapon firing metallic and non metallic ammunition using compressed gas for propellent. Short ranged, considered obsolete but quiet.

Opposer – A person who studies and practices Law. See Protector

Oregg – Gold

Orion – A planet in the Quorta system

Orphan ship – In the early Fleet it was where all children who could not be placed with family or friends were housed. (MWNL)

Outer Marker – The last beacon before landing fighters on the home ship. Passing the Outer Marker means the pilot is beginning his approach.

Otari Sect – A Gemonese religious sect that forbids contact between the genders except during specific religious festivals. See Worship of the Sunstorm.

Ovine – A quadraped grazing animal raised for food and milk.

OVINER – One who raises Ovines. A country bumpkin [TLW]

Ovions – An intelligent race of burrowing Insects. Natural miners.

Penal Colonies – Outpost prisons placed on asteroids, moons and other unwanted worlds to house prisoners and criminals.

Petro – Liquid fuel refined from Tylium. Not as volatile or toxic as Solium, used in applications requiring less power such as surface vehicles.

Pinius – Small Agro Planet

Pisces – Planet

Phalanx – An attack formation used by fighters and destroyers.

POGEES: Vulgar term. Part of the phrase “blow the pogees out of…” [TLP, LL]

Power Sled – An open tracked vehicle used for surface exploration.

Probe Speed – Sub Light speed

Proteus – Asteroid with Aerian penal colony

PLUTON: A toxic substance used by Cylons to attack food sources. Pluton breaks down the structure of food making it useless. If Pluton is ingested it rapidly breaks down the internal organs.

Praesidium – The central givernment of a planet or group of planets.

Preciptum Layer – Any mass of heavy element in deep space identified by scanners. Possibly natural in occuranve or the result of reaction mass ejected by primitive spaceships.

Primaries – Basic consumables (Food items)

Protector – A person who studies and practices law, generally for the benefit of Authority/Society (A prosecutor) Also, a Guardian of a minor child.

Psycho Electron Recall – A scan of a persons subconscious memories to locate information.

Pulse Generator – Part of the Sub Light Propulsion system.

Pyramid – A game of chance played with cards.

Quorum – A democratic ruling body or leadership of a planet or society

Quatron – Unit of currency

Quotara – A star cluster in the Cyrannus galaxy containing seven red stars orbiting a blue star.

Ravashol Pulsar – Giant Laser canon on Arcta. Designed for communication using the fusion of tritium and deuterium as a power source. Captured by the Cylons and converted to a weapon system. It was destroyed in 6571

Recall signal – Order for fighters to return to base.

Recon Probe – Exploratory mission

Roster of the Nomen – A list of humanoids who live by the code of the Borellian Nomen..

Radion – A lethal form of radiation caused by the explosion of Tylium

Respiratory Probe – A scan of a humanoids breathing system.

Rigus – planet

SAGAN: The Ninth Lord of Kobol, leader of the Exodus. Part of the phrase, “for Sagan’s sake…” [LPOTG, THOG]

Scan – the results of a scanner search; rearscan – posterior scan; long range scan – scans made at long distance; mineral scan – scans made for minerals; videoscan – visual scan; geoscan – scans made of a planet’s surface, geographical scan (EIT).

Scanner – 1.) Mechanism aboard starships, capable of analyzing the surrounding environment, especially technology . Battlestars are equipped with long range scanners. Scanners on board Vipers include Alpha-Tech scanners. 2.) Video display terminal.

Sclime – “Those little sclime…” (Spectre, after viewing Straw-Starbuck on raft, YW)

Scorched Planet Policy – To leave a habitable planet uninhabitable

Scramble – To launch fighters and go to battlestations

Seal of the Lords – “I too hold the seal of the lords, am a member of the Council of 12” (Baltar), cf. symbol of our faith passed down to C of 12 (copy Adama/Tigh quote from FAQ) (LPOTG)

Sealed – Act of wedlock.

Sectar – Remote planet in the Hatari system

Sectarie – 2400 centons

Secton – 12 Sectaries

Shuttle – sublight craft for travel between ships and ship to surface and back.

Simulator – A device used for training pilots and helm officers and crew. Different type of simulators are used for different types of ships.

Sire – A term of respect for a male Buritician

Siress – A term of respect for a female Buritician

Seven-Eleven – Craps. “Your commanding officer is ‘playing 7-11 back at the base.'” Dice Game (Boomer to Cree, GOIPZ)

Shield – Protective wall covering the Battlestar ports, including bridge; positive shields – raise the shields; negative shields – lower the shields (normal mode of operation)

Sky – Space.  As in “dead in the sky” (expression) (LL)

Skybus – Long range passenger-carrying space vehicle. (SOASW)

Sleep Period – (GFE)

SNITRAD: A derogatory term. [GFE]

SOCIALATOR: An individual dedicated to the entertainment of others. Skilled in the arts of music, dance, and sensual pleasure. Well educated in fields of sociology and psychology. Well respected on the home world of Scorpio, but less so on others, The term can be used as a slur. [P]

Solium – A toxic, explosive, liquid fuel refined from Tylium. Used when massive amounts of power are required, such as in space ships.

Soleus – Capital of Caprica

Solonite – Most powerful conventional explosive known. Refined from Solium

Space Drome – A space based platform for docking, loading and unloading passengers and cargo.

Space Mine – A placed weapon used to defend or obstruct known space lanes and corridors.

Spermal Goad – A wide angle communication technique used when the receiving point cannot be used as the beaming or reference point.

Star Speed – Faster then Light speed Also Hyper Speed (EA GFE)

Sublight Vehicle – Slower then light speed space craft(HOG)

Sunstorm – A display of atmospheric discharges caused by stellar emissions.

Support Vapors – The oxygen supply in a space craft

Suspension Chambers – Puts patient in state of suspension – decon chambers, back into compression, slumber chambers (GFE)

Swiners – “Those swiners are as trapped as we are.” (Robber on enforcers, from LP)

Synchronometer – also timepiece (GOIPZ)

Tellecom – Intraship Communication. Generally NOT scrambled or coded.

Thorn Forest – A heavily forested area on Caprica.

Throttles – “Throttles are still full open.” “Bring him in full throttle, we’ll shut him down at the outer marker” (Starbuck/Colonel Tigh – SOASW)

Thruster – Accelator/decelerator (Viper) ; forward thrusters – accelerator; reverse thrusters – decelerator, or inverse maneuver (IM); full battle thrusters – maximum fighting speed.

Thula – Barren and icy moon and former Military base.”When I pulled the unit on Ice Station Thula.” (Boomer – GOIPZ)

TIN CAN: Cylon. [TYL]

TIN HEADS: Cylons. [LL]

Torch – Flashlight (LW)

Travelator – An individual who, for pay, arranges details for those wishing to travel.

Triad – Contact sport wherein two teams of two players in a triangular court with goals in two walls, lock arms and attempt to force a sphere out of the circle. They then unlock arms and try to put the sphere in the opposing teams goal.

Tribunal – Court hearing

Tucan – a planet, home of the Tucana

Tucana – Arace of hermaphrodites with two sets of eyes and two mouths controlled by seperate parts of the brain

Tuliran Bulbs – Green leafym, edible vegetables.

Turbine – “Part of the power generating system on a space ship

Turbo – A two wheeled, powered ground transport.

Turbolasers – Standard Colonial Anti Ship weapon. Comes in three power levels, Light, Medium and Heavy.

Tylium – The ore from which Solium and petro are refined.

Tylinium – A transparent plastic like substance used for canopies and viewports.

Ultra Sonic Scrub – A surgical cleaning preperation

Umbra – Small community on the edge of the Thorn Forest on Caprica

Uni Comm – Communication network linking all Vipers to each other and to their base ship. Always scrambled.

Uni Directional – An all direction transmission.

Valcron – Polyester material used in clothing

Vapor Point – The temperature at which an element or material vaporizes

Verification Scan – An identification scan of an object.

Victuals – Consumables, food

Video Scan – The visual output of a verification scan.

Video Tech – Video technician (MRS)

Vilium – a planet with 17 moons

Viper – Venomous reptile. Also current class of star fighter employed by the Colonial Military.

Voltons – A unit for measuring the force exerted by an electric current.

Wager – Bet; professional wager (gambler) (MWNL)

War, The – In general terms, the 1000-yahren war between the Cylons and the Humans, but in more specific terms, the recent fighting that led to the destruction of the Colonies.

War Book – A section of a ships computer that contains information on all known enemy ships.

Warrior – the Elite Soldier of the Colonial Military. Training starts ay age seven.

Worship Bell – Church bell (YW)

Worship of the Sunstorm – A Gemonese religious festival noted for physical contact between the genders. This is the only time physical contact among the Otari sect is permitted. The festival occurs once every seven yahrens

Yahren – 100 Sectaries

Colonial Units of Time, Distance, Energy, and Money
Note: Colonial units and Earth units are not fully
interchangeable. Based on evidence in the series, (And from the Colonial Warriors Technical Manual) a Colonial day is approximately 40.3 hours, a centar is 101 minutes (1.7 hours),

Millenium (1,000 yahren)= 456 Earth years

Yahren (year)100 Sectaries = 166 Earth Days

Hetari = six sectons = 120 Earth days

Secton (week)12 Sectaries = 20 Earth days

Sectarie (Day)2400 centons = 24 centars = 40 Earth hours 1.6 Earth Days

Centar (hour)100 Centons = 100 Earth minutes

Centon (minute)= 100 microns = 1 Earth minute

Micron (minute)1/100th of a Centon = 6 Earth seconds
or Microcenton (Microsenton)

millisenton 1/1000th of a Centon = .06 Earth Seconds

Centons, microns, and sectars are also used as units of
length similar to the way a light year is.

Metron – 1 meter

Maxim – 10 meters

Hectar – 100 meters

Matzen= a little shorter then a kilometer

Metric – 1 kilometer

Argonlons – measurement of the strength of a transmitting frequency

Kilon – unit of power (1 kilowatt)

Voltons – voltage unit (1 volt)

Wavelon – unit of wavelength

Radion – unit of radiation

Ergon – unit of energy


Megon – unit of mass (1 megaton)

Laxon – unit of dry measurement (1 bushel)

Currency is made of, or backed by, Oregg, (Gold) For convenience sake I have assigned $ values!

Cubits = Stamped Oregg. The primary coin of the Colonials 1Cubit = $1

Quatron = Stamped Oregg. 1 Quatron = 4 Cubits = $4

Ducat = Stamped oregg. 1 Ducat – 10 Quatrons = 40 Cubits = $40

Orion Cheques = Stamped Oregg. This is a trading currency used between the various races. 1 Orion Cheque = 1,000 Cubits = $1,000

Markers = Markers are basicly IOUs or checks drawn against banked funds. They can be in any amount and can be made out to an individual or the name can be left blank.

Most Fleet transactions are by Electronic Credit or Marker. There is not enough coin to provide all the needs of the Fleet economy. The CTC or ‘Cubit Transfer Card’ are issued to every adult in the Fleet. Pay is deposited directly into the individuals account and can be transferred, spent or cashed out (if coinage is available.)



[BE – “Baltar’s Escape”]

[CWTM – “Colonial Warrior’s Technical Manual”]

[GFE – “Greetings From Earth]

[GOIPZ – “Gun On Ice Planet Zero”]

[LL – “The Living Legend”]

[P – Premiere Episode (aka “Saga Of A Star World”)]

[THOG – “The Hand Of God”]

[TMW – “The Magnificent Warriors”]

[TMW9L – “The Man With Nine Lives”]

[TLP – “The Long Patrol”]

[TLW – “The Lost Warrior”]

[TYL – “The Young Lords”]