Vanier Class Light Carriers

The Vanier Class Light Carriers were a departure from normal Colonial ship designs. They internalized the landing bays and reduced the engine profile, making for a more compact and sleeker profile. The Vanier carried as many Vipers as a Battlestar but lacked the Battlestar’s punch and armor for close combat. Usually matched up with a Gunstar or a group of cruisers for a powerful tactical force, the Light carriers were intended to be cheaper and faster to build and deploy then the Fleet Carriers. Many were assigned to the 4th Fleet under Commander Kronus and sustained heavy losses at Cosmara Archipelago with the surviving elements disappearing at Molecay.

Vanier Class Light Carrier
Vanier Class Carrier

Surviving Vanier Class Light Carrier : None known
Commander: Colonel
Executive Officer: Major
Crew- 1,300
Max. Speed- 10x Light Speed

(2) Heavy Explosive Torpedo Launchers
(6) Medium Torpedo Launchers
(18 ) Small Torpedo Launchers
(24) Light Laser Batteries <12 port,12 starboard>
(4) Medium Laser Batteries (8 total)

Ablative Armor
Star Shield (Heavy Armor Plate)
Electronic Defense Shields
Stealth Suites

Auxiliary Craft-
(150 ) Medium Fighters
(6) Recovery Shuttles
(6) Shuttles Type 1