The Ships of the Fugitive Fleet

The Fugitive Fleet

The fleet collected by Galactica in the wake of Cymtar and the destruction of the Twelve Colonies was initially assembled from civilian ships, many of which were available only because they had been mothballed and slated for the scrap yards. Other, more modern ships, had survived the Cylon attack by fleeing, and returning later, or simply because the Cylons were too busy seeking military targets to bother with them. Only after the Cylons were confident that the Colonial Military was all but destroyed, did they turn their attention to hunting down civilian craft.
During the first three to four yahrens after the formation of the Fugitive Fleet, civilian and even surviving military vessels, continued to seek out and join the Fleet. Various warships, shepherding small flotillas of civilians, having made their way via circuitous routes from what was then Cylon controlled space, to join the main Fleet, would catch up and add their numbers, resources and much needed firepower. Sometimes the newcomers were solo ships who had fled the disaster and lurked along the edges of known space until whisper of the surviving Battlestar and its growing fleet drew them in.
The composition of the Fugitive Fleet today is as follows.

Military Vessels

Battlestar Galactica

Medusa Class Heavy Cruiser, Prometheus Aegis

Hydra Class Destroyer, Tonga
Hydra Class Destroyer, Hammurabi
Hydra Class Destroyer, Annubis
Hydra Class Destroyer, Hector
Hydra Class Destroyer, Seti
Hydra Class Destroyer, Urr

Gorgon Class Destroyer, Kiowa
Gorgon Class Destroyer, Sparta
Gorgon Class Destroyer, Illium
Gorgon Class Destroyer, Titan
Gorgon Class Destroyer, Sphinx

Space Assault Ship, Horus
Space Assault Ship, Bast

Electronic Support Ship, Celestra

Fleet Replenishment Ship, Syracuse

Fleet Tanker, Leptus
Fleet Tanker, Cademus

Fleet Transport, Zephyr
Fleet Transport, Nimbus

Civilian Ships

Sky Bus, Geminon 12
Sky Bus, Piscera 9
Sky Bus, Taurus 7
Sky Bus, Piscera 27
Sky Bus, Caprica 19
Sky Bus, Virgon 4
(Sky Buses are named after their planet of origin and numbered to distinguish individual ships.)

Luxury Liner, Astral Queen (Justice Center/Prison Barge)
Luxury Liner, Canopus
Luxury Liner, Colonial Star
Luxury Liner, Inter-Sun
Luxury Liner, Stellar Princess
Luxury Liner, Sovereign of the Stars
Luxury Liner, Royal Star
Luxury Liner, Imperial Comet
Luxury Liner, Cosmos

Cruise Ship, Aedina
Cruise Ship, Antares
Cruise Ship, Rising Star
Cruise Ship, Nova
Cruise Ship, Celebration
Cruise Ship, Cosmic Glory

Passenger Liner, Freedom
Passenger Liner, Destiny
Passenger Liner, Hercules
Passenger Liner, Aneas
Passenger Liner, Lilly
Passenger Liner, Stellar Rose
Passenger Liner, Leo
Passenger Liner, Caprican
Passenger Liner, Scorpio
Passenger Liner, Flash
Passenger Liner, Comet
Passenger Liner, Charger
Passenger Liner, Imperious
Passenger Liner, Ptolomey
Passenger Liner, Aztec
Passenger Liner, Nubia
Passenger Liner, Volog
Passenger Liner, Uttica

Freighter, Gemini
Freighter, Borella
Freighter, Astradon
Freighter, Colonial Movers 1 (CM1)
Freighter, Colonial Movers 2 (CM2)
Freighter, Colonial Movers 4 (CM4)
Freighter, Colonial Movers 8 (CM8)
Freighter, Ajax
Freighter, Antilles
Freighter, Freya
Freighter, Galena
Freighter, Breccia
Freighter, Zuma
Freighter, Koshi Hahn
Freighter, Glacia
Freighter, Iberia

Transport, Comet386
Transport, Leo723
Transport, Ajax445
Transport, Scorpio
Transport, Tigris
Transport, Aklo
Transport, Equis
Transport, Maya
Transport, Su Non
Transport, Thebes
Transport, Cimeria
Transport, Azera

Tanker, Alecto
Tanker, Comorant
Tanker, Elos
Tanker, Mushara
Tanker, Eomer
Tanker, Jundar
Tanker, Oceaus
Tanker, Turis

AgroShip, Traneus
AgroShip, Demeter
AgroShip, Pisceus
AgroShip, Cerronunos (Livery Ship)
AgroShip, Dionysus
AgroShip, Liber
AgroShip, Akron
AgroShip, Ceres
AgroShip, Mycenae
AgroShip, Isis

Foundry Ship, Hephaestus

Textile Ship, Linas

Factory Ship, Ptah
Factory Ship, Daidalos

Mining Ship, Tellus

Private Yacht, Lydia
Private Yacht, Targus
Private Yacht, Warrior
Private Yacht, Marduk