Colonial Technology

Some devices and technologies were seen in the series, but a vast array of devices and technologies were never explored or touched on, though these technologies certainly had to exist. This section will cover both known and new devices.

The equipment demonstrated in the series was primarily military, but similar technologies and devices are generally available to civilians.

The ‘Fugitive Fleet’ possesses limited manufacturing capacity. The bulk of what is available is taken up in manufacturing for one of three broad categories, essential parts for the ships of the fleet and their internal systems, upgrading, maintaining and replacing military munitions, equipment and materials, or, making essential basics for the population. Only about nine percent of the manufacturing capacity is available to produce luxuries and other non essential goods. Consequently such items are expensive and hard to come by. It is less of a strain, both financially and industrially, to maintain existing equipment then it is to buy or build new, especially in regards to nonessentials.

Military equipment is always the newest and best designs available. The R&D sections are always working to give an edge to the Warriors on whom life depends. After that the priority is in finding ways to stretch the life spans of aging ships and to improve, increase and enhance the output of Essentials (food, clothes, water, air, medicines etc…)

Civilian versions of equipment like hand held scanners, computers, communicators and such, tend to be outdated (left over from before Cimtar) though well maintained, or ‘home made’ in the machine shops of the Fleet using scrounged and recycled parts. In the latter case the appearance is generally unusual, and functionality can vary from superb to adequate.

When comparing military equipment to civilian eqivilants, especially those civilian items that date from before Cimtar and the exodous, military equipment is plain and utilitarian. It is ruggedized with very few bells and whistles and little ‘chrome.’ Civilian equipment is more aesthetically pleasing, designed to appeal to a consumer and part him or her with hard earned cubits.

Some of the civilian devices available were produced by other races. The Orions in particular manufactured and sold a vast array of items to the Colonial market and anyone else who was willing to pay.
Some of these items are unique technologies, others are merely variations or knockoffs of Colonial technology that have been ‘repackaged’ in a different style or with features that may vary from the Colonial norm.