Oaths and Profanity

Battlestar Galactica oaths and expressions with reference to Episode or Book.

ASTRUM: Anatomical reference. “We’re sitting dead on our astrums.” [LL]

BARGE LICE: Lowlife scum. [GOIPZ]


BLACK SHIRT: A security officer [BE]

BORAYS: Bipedal sentient pigs. Also, the dregs of humanity. [P, TMW]

BORK: A nasty person. [TMW]

CRASSIDY: A slur. Possibly ‘Bastard or SOB!’ [TMW]


EQUINE’S ASTRUM: A horse’s ass. [TMW9L]

FELGERCARB: The “shit” word. BS.

FIRST ORBIT CADET: An incompetant. [TLP]

FRAK: The “fuck” word.

GOLL-MONGING: “Mother Fucking” wording”. [LL]

GRID RATS: Scum. Prisoners. [GOIPZ]

HADES HOLE: Dammit to Hell!

MODOCKER: An ornery beast? Possibly a substitute for “Mother Fucker”. [LL]

MONG-RAKING: “Mother Fucking  wording”. [LL] (see a pattern yet?)

NOMEN: can be used as a slur. [TMW9L, BE]

OVINER: a country bumpkin [TLW]

POGEES: Vulgar term. Part of the phrase “blow the pogees out of…” [TLP,

SAGAN: The Ninth Lord of Kobol, leader of the Exodus. Part of the phrase,
“for Sagan’s sake…” [LPOTG, THOG]

SNITRAD: A derogatory term. Cheater, liar… [GFE]

SOCIALATOR: can be used as a slur. [P]

TIN CAN: Cylon. [TYL]

TIN HEADS: Cylons. [LL]


Code: [BE – “Baltar’s Escape”]   [GFE – “Greetings From Earth]

[GOIPZ – “Gun On Ice Planet Zero”]  [LL – “The Living Legend”]

[P – Premiere Episode (aka “Saga Of A Star World”)]    [THOG – “The Hand Of God”]

[TMW – “The Magnificent Warriors”]   [TMW9L – “The Man With Nine Lives”]

[TLP – “The Long Patrol”]     [TLW – “The Lost Warrior”]

[TYL – “The Young Lords”]