Agro Ships

Agro or Agricultural Ships were developed by the private sector as a way of supporting and ‘seeding’ many of the small stations and minor colonies that popped up across Colonial Space. Many of these settlements were located on marginal planets, chosen for economic reasons that had nothing to do with environment. Others were orbital structures designed for gas giant harvesting, asteroid mining or similar activities.
Agro ships not only provided much needed and welcomed fresh food, but they often spear headed the R&D needed to modify plant, and in some cases, animals, for adapting to other world conditions.
Most Agro ships were built primarily as vast green houses to grow and develop plants for food or economic use (fibers, fuel, medicine…) Some were specifically designed for larger lifeforms. These livestock ships are generally called ‘Livery Ships.’ Aquatic versions were also built. Protien in the form of tiny krill and shrimp like creatures, along with vegetable matter in the form of algae, were cost effective ways to feed isolated populations. Some ships were designed to do both and have facilities for plants and animals.

Agro Ship 1

Agro Ship 2