Colonial Units of Time, Distance, Weight and other things…

Colonial units and Earth units are not fully interchangeable.

Based on evidence in the series, (And from the Colonial Warriors Technical Manual) a Colonial day (Sectarie) is approximately 40.3 Earth hours, a Colonial hour (Centar) is 101 Earth minutes (1.7 hours), and a Colonial Yahren is 166 Earth days long. Using these figures means that children of Canon characters are AT MOST 12 years old! This also means that descriptions of Colonials living 200 yahrens actually reflect a lifespan of about 91 earth years.
In order to allow for adult characters who have grown up in the Fleet and to eliminate much of the confusion concerning Colonial Time I have amended the time units as listed below. Basically I will be treating Colonial time units as just different names for Earth time units. This allows a character who is 25 yahrens old to be about 25 in Earth years. It fits with the objectives set up by the original Moderator and should make things easier in the future. I will leave the original time units posted in a seperate file for those who may be interested.

Millenium 1,000 yahren)= 1000 Earth years

Yahren (year)360 Sectaries = 360 Earth Days

Hetari = six sectons = 72 Earth days

Secton (week)12 Sectaries = 12 Earth days

Sectarie (Day)= 24 Centars = 24 Earth hours 1 Earth Day

Centar (hour) = 60 Earth minutes

Centon (minute)= 1 Earth minute

Micron (minute)1/10th of a Centon = 6 Earth seconds
or Microcenton

Millicenton 1/100th of a Centon = .06 Earth Seconds

Centons, microns, and sectars are also used as units of
length similar to the way a light year is.

Metron – 1 meter

Maxim – 10 meters

Hectar – 100 meters

Matzor= a little shorter then a kilometer

Metric – 1 kilometer

Argonlons – measurement of the strength of a transmitting frequency

Kilon – unit of power (1 kilowatt)

Voltons – voltage unit (1 volt)

Wavelon – unit of wavelength

Radion – unit of radiation

Ergon – unit of energy


Megon – unit of mass (1 megaton)

Laxon – unit of dry measurement (1 bushel)