Miscellaneous Equipment

A selection of equipment used throughout the Fleet. Military and civilian versions of this equipment vary in appearance, design and in some features, but the primary function remains constant.

Wrist Synchrometer
Standard timepiece. Can be used as a calculator, determining elapsed time, multiple timer functions, calender etc. Generally includes a simple radiation detector. Military models combine a short range communicator and can save voice recordings.


Wrist Radiation Detector
Worn by all techs who work in primary engineering areas and those who work in or around the nuclear warheads. A more sensitive and sophisticated unit then the ones built into synchrometers.

Radiation Detector

Laser Welding Torch
Portable,lightweight tool for repair and handy for opening locked doors! The laser range is only a few inches.

Laser Torch

Safety Harness
Used when working on the hull of a spaceship or in high places. Has 1 maxim (30 feet) of retracted, monomolecular cable.

Safety Harness

Multi-Function pocket tool
This basic utility knife/tool is a common item among all spacers and techs.
Utility Knife